More rapid and complicated changes in current economies and societies among Thailand and neighboring countries with the commitment under the Association of South East Asian Nations to have one vision, one identity in one community constitute both opportunities and risks for national development. The development of our nation via basic knowledge of science and technology, innovation and creativity is aimed to increase the nation’s competitive potential based on eco-friendly production and consumption. Therefore research, development and innovation are vital keys to succeed in being a part of the community to strengthen this region.

          Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi and other 8 Rajamangala universities under the Rajamangala University’s Act 2005 in providing and permitting higher vocational education in sciences and technologies realize the significance of the new knowledge found from research and innovation to improve the nation’s competitive potential and ,therefore, organize the 6th Rajamangala University of Technology National Conference (6th RMUTNC) and the 5th Rajamangala University of Technology International Conference (5th RMUTIC) under the theme: “Technology and Innovation towards ASEAN” aiming at sharing relevant ideas and publicizing research and innovation as well as building strong network between national and international researchers.

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